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If there is one thing we love, it’s talking small business. Our blog is a collection of our own perspective, industry news and resources to to make you a better owner. ENJOY!

Questions you’re probably asking yourself:

1. What exactly does Business Coaching mean?

To us, it is nothing more than dedicating our time and resources to your success. It’s empowerment. It’s accountability and support. It’s a constant reminder that you and only you can truly define what success means for your company. It’s an unbreakable bond and a belief that you can achieve whatever you want.

2. Why are you calling me a freak?

Because you are. Because it’s without a doubt the best compliment we could give anyone. You’re a freak because at some point you decided a 9-5 was not for you. You’re a freak because you believe so strongly in something that you were willing to take a risk most people never will. It’s the freak in you where the magic lives. We know if we can get you back there, or continue to feed it, nothing can get in your way.

We always start with WHY

WHY freak.?


While we love building relationships and strategizing with our clients, none of them reached out to us in need of more friends. Not all of our discussions are the easiest, but they come from the deepest place of care . It’s the tough questions and the willingness to leave your comfort zone that creates the most success. 


To say we have a passion for the work we do would be a brutal understatement. As Serial Entrepreneurs, business coaching gives us the space to work in more industries then we could ever do on our own. We are inspired by our clients and their tenacity to create something most people only dream of. It is because of each of you that we jump out of bed each morning. 


We believe there is a difference in risk taking and strategic change. We don’t ever ask our clients to take blind chances, but we always ask them to consider a different way. We encourage them to try new things and question everything they have done in the past. Far too often our place of comfort is what is standing in the way of our biggest achievements. 


There is nothing more powerful than asking the right questions at the right time. We know that if you can get to the answer without us handing it to you, that the impact is exponential. We also know that some Business Coaches only ask questions and too many questions. We pride ourselves on our balance. We’ll ask the questions, but we also provide the answers. 

What we can do

Our Services


We will design a customized plan to alleviate your current frustrations, while developing strategies for growth and profitability.


In today’s world of Social Media and Web Based Meetings, there is something to be said about face to face business. We love nothing more than going on-site for both single and multi-day trainings.


Not quite ready to commit to working with one of our coaches? While this is only a taste of the bigger picture, our webinars are a great place for prospective clients to get a peak behind the curtain. Hey, some of our current clients even use them for continued education.


While we pride ourselves on our coaching and the benefits that come with it, we have worked with some companies in need of specific consulting projects.

Free Coaching Session

When the business owners we work with are pondering an investment, we expect them to leave no stone unturned. Investing in yourself and in your business can be one of the most beneficial decisions you could ever make. However, make the wrong investment and it won’t only be costly, it can also be detrimental. Practicing what we preach, we want you to fully understand what we have to offer and to get a true taste for what our relationship will look and feel like. Click below and let’s take the first step in getting to know one another.

Certified EMyth Coaches

Meet the Team

Matt Wilhelmsen

Matt Wilhelmsen

Founder and Coach

“As an Entrepreneur, I live my dream everyday as I assist other Entrepreneurs in realizing their own.”

Susan Wilhelmsen

Susan Wilhelmsen

Exec. Coach & Trainer

“My passion is working together with owners to create the company and the life they have always imagined.”

Matt Carle

Matt Carle

“Coaching is my platform for helping others grow to the peak of their abilities, in business and in life.”

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