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Built to Sell

Built to Sell

Do you feel overwhelmed? Are your daily tasks piling up with no time to do them? Are you wondering if work-life balance is some kind of a cruel joke?


Too often small business owners are forced to juggle every aspect of their business by themselves. They can’t or don’t entrust their employees to manage certain aspects of the business, so they’re forced to do everything solo, opening the doors in the morning, sweeping the floors each night, and taxes and accounting during late nights and early mornings just to keep up.


This can, and does, lead to burnout – the dream job you built for yourself becomes a nightmare; piles of work you have no interest in doing, long task lists filled with jobs you dislike, and more hours required than you have in a day – it is almost enough to make you want to pick up the classifieds.


This is no way to run a business! You think to yourself “If I had known things would be like this I might have never taken this leap in the first place.” But, you know, deep down, that this is the place you want to be – you just need a little help getting things organized and sorted out in a way that helps you get back to enjoying your business.


BUILT TO SELL (OR: The Franchise Solution)

Whether or not you intend to sell your business, next year, five years from now, or you plan to work until the day you close the doors, your business will benefit from the idea of “Built to Sell”.

This concept helps you to build yourself out of the business – so it will continue to operate and earn money even when you’re not there. It helps you to hire and train employees who will carry your vision and values for the company forward in their work. You will identify your best customers and focus on how to bring more of them into your business. You will commit to doing everything in the business the best way, and you’ll trust your employees And it will allow you to get back to doing the things that you enjoy in your business.


Some of you may recoil at the idea of selling your business “I started this business with my blood, sweat, and tears! I would never let a stranger take it from me.” But “Building to Sell” doesn’t mean that you have to walk away, now or ever. It is simply the idea of building the systems you need to sustain your business for the long-term. That way if in the future you decide it is time to walk away you have a turn-key business ready to hand to the next owner (as soon as your generous buy-out lands in your bank account). Or if you want to take a long leisurely vacation, the business will continue to generate the profits you need while you’re away, and things will be running smoothly when you return.


Building to Sell allows you as a business owner to tame the chaos of your small business, focusing on individual aspects of the business and molding how they will operate moving forward. The process will cover everything from sales conversations to how the office gets cleaned and where the files are kept; every single thing that affects how your business runs day-to-day gets tested, honed, and recorded so you and your employees benefit, forever.


How is this possible? The EMyth Principles have been proven by more than 70,000 small business over the last two decades. The processes and programs available to you today can provide instant feedback on your business and help you build the company you always dreamed it could be.


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