freak. Turns One

freak. Turns One

This last year has gone by so fast and been such a blur, someone else had to tell me that freak. was launched a year ago today. While this is just the beginning, I could not be more proud of what was accomplished in it’s first year and what we already have planned on the horizon. I am truthfully living my dream every day and it would not be possible without our amazing clients and the love and support of our friends and family.

Some highlights that stand out…

New York Trip On-Site:
3 days on-site with a client and their management team to revamp their organization

Montana Seminar:
Presented live on stage for two days to 190+ business owners in Big Sky, MT

84% Revenue Growth since Re-Brand:
New clients, more coaches, providing additional resources and always finding ways to provide more value.

Brought on our first additional full-time Coach in Matt Carle:
This gets me most excited about the future. I would only be able to accomplish a fraction of my Vision alone. Matt embodies all that we stand for and has only made us better.

Contracted with EMyth to deliver their Coach Certification Training:
Trained 8 new EMyth Coaches in a 12 week certification program.

Above and beyond everything else, our clients are creating the businesses they always dreamed of and hitting revenues goals some of them never thought possible.

Here’s to another year and working with more freaks. around the World!

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