EMyth Business Coaching

The difference between where you business is today and where you know it can be tomorrow, lies in the hands of EMyth Business Coaching.


Who are you?

You are a business owner dealing with a variety of frustrations preventing your company from reaching its fullest potential. The business is demanding your time and stealing your ability to live the life you want. You are willing to do whatever it takes to create change within yourself and your organization.

Who are we?

With 40 combined years of start-up, small business ownership and Corporate America experience; freak. Business Coaching prides themselves on their array of business knowledge. Enhanced by EMyth’s proven Business Development Model we have delivered years of success and results.

The Vision

Realizing the vision that you have for your business and your life is our goal. We will design a customized plan to alleviate your current frustrations, while developing strategies for growth and profitability. By embodying the principles of leadership and business development, your dreams will become reality.

At freak. we purposefully meet each and every one of our clients where they stand. We realize no two businesses are alike, and that using an umbrella approach for all would be unfair to your business and our practice.

Our customized coaching methods start with two types of delivery, live business coaching utilizing EMyth’s Business Development processes or EMyth’s Online Platform. Depending on time, finances, commitment and goals, we work with each of our businesses to discover the most impactful and appropriate method.

Business acumen is a must in a Business Coaching relationship as it drives the ideas for innovations that promote growth and profitability. Coaching is a relationship based on honesty, trust, and authenticity.

Our program will provide you the knowledge you need to grow personally and professionally. Through your own leadership development you will have the ability to develop your business and staff in a way that promotes a culture of ownership, thus freeing you from the day to day operational activities. We provide hope for the future, because change is inevitable through our process. You will experience value and progress in every interaction.