Boost Profits, Get Buy-In and Fuel Your Fire with a Freak Coaching On-Site Workshop

On-Site Workshops custom designed to help businesses succeed, no matter how big or small


Sometimes a business needs a boost to find the next level – sometimes you need a little nudge to get you over the crest of the hill and down the other side – or to get you back on track with your goals for the year. Freak Coaching On-Site Workshops are tailored to the needs of you and your business and promise to provide that kick in the pants when you need it most.


Our coaches work with you and your staff ahead of time to custom design the content for our one-to-three day workshops. Every on-site workshop begins with the goal of improving your business – what we focus on and how we do it is determined by your input. On-site workshops are fine-tuned to get to the heart of the problems facing your business today and work on providing solutions that makes sense for you and your business. Some of the areas we can focus on include:


  • Leadership & Vision
  • Branding & Positioning
  • Finances & Budgeting
  • Management & Organization
  • Product Strategy & Design
  • Sales & Service
  • Marketing & Customer Behavior


Freak Coaching On-Site Workshops are not cookie-cutter presentations meant to rob your business of precious time and resources – we want to see your business improve, grow, and thrive. We want to work with you and your employees to make sure everyone is working toward shared goals in the most efficient way possible. We want to provide you the best possible resources, tested and proven in tens-of-thousands of small businesses across hundreds of industries that are proven to get you results.


We leave you and your business with real information, action items, and long-term takeaways that are sure to help your business grow for years to come. Every on-site workshop leaves a long-term impression on the employees and their company.


Once we’re through with our work you’ll have a few new questions to answer. What will you do with your extra free time after we resolve your biggest roadblock this quarter? How will you reward your employees after we re-engage them in their work? How can you reinvest your profits into the business to build for a better future?