The Advantages of Being a freak.

The Advantages of Being a freak.

When I signed on with Matt and freak. Business Coaching I already knew how big the potential was for the brand and the company. I talked through the early stages of freak. with Matt when it was just an idea, just a potential answer to a question he had. The business that he has created is exciting, inspiring, and powerful. I knew I was in the right place, because I’m a freak. too. I’m excited to help Matt build this brand and this company into the future, I’m looking forward to all of the challenges that we’ll face and the victories that will follow.

Not everyone understands what it means to be a freak., not everyone is going to “get it” off the bat, or ever. But there is a freak in all of us, you just have to make the decision to let it out and see where it takes you. Today I want to talk about some of the upside, some of the highlights, the reasons that freaks. are so powerful; if you see yourself in these descriptions, you’re already a freak. If the words inspire you, stir something inside you – that’s your inner freak trying to get out, listen to that voice and see where it takes you, there is something there and it can be powerful.

Today I present to you:

The Advantages of Being a freak.

Freaks are always getting better.

It is in the freak’s nature to strive for more, to always be looking ahead and seeking the next reward. The freaks are the people who know they’re capable of great things and are doing whatever they can to pursue their goals. They’re always striving to get better, to improve, and develop themselves to the peak of their potential.

No matter where they stand now – financially, emotionally, physically – they know there are ways to improve. That doesn’t mean they’re ignoring all of the success or not being grateful for the things that they have. But it does mean that they’re aware of the areas where they could be doing more, and they’re looking for ways to improve them. They know they’re capable of more, and they’re willing to do the work to get there.

Freaks live by the maxim coined by Jim Rohn: “Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.” They know that in order to really be successful you have to focus on improving yourself, and that success will follow. They’re always looking at how they can get better, and trusting that the rewards will come after. They know this is true because they’ve seen it happen. They know that it works and they are proof of it every day.

Freaks don’t care what other people think.

One of the core values at freak. Business Coaching is FEARLESS and this trait is true for every freak we know. They’re willing to seem a little odd or a little strange to others in pursuit of their goals. They don’t let other people’s judgements deter them from achieving what they set out to achieve. They don’t live their lives by any standards other than their own, and they know there is power in choosing to live in that way. They know that living life fearlessly doesn’t mean living in the absence of fear; but it means choosing to ignore those fears and push forward anyway.

Because they’re unbound by other people’s opinions, freaks choose to live life according to their own rules. They get to define success and failure in their own terms. They choose how they will measure their growth and they take ownership of seeing those things through. They will not allow others to dictate how they live, but instead they choose to set their own pace. They only measure themselves on standards they set, and only compare themselves to the people they were in the past. Their own growth is the only thing that they measure.

Freaks are willing to do the work.

One of the most important attributes of all – freaks are always ready to work hard; both in their companies, and on themselves. Freaks know that nothing else matters unless they’re willing to do the work that is required of them. The real freaks relish the hard work, they cherish the challenges that come with growth, personally and professionally. They know that they have to keep striving, keep growing, and keep hustling to get where they want to go. And they look forward to the challenges.

They are humble enough to know their current level of skills might not be enough, and they’re willing to work hard to get to where they need to be. They are a balance of humility and ego; their ego tells them to believe in their abilities, and their humility tells them to keep improving every day. Freaks understand there is always room for growth, but they know to get to the next level is going to take hard work. Nothing is given away and nothing worth achieving will be easy – but the reward for doing the hard work is priceless.

They know they don’t have all the answers themselves and they’re willing to ask for help when they need it. They trust advisors and experienced freaks to help show the way. They learn everything they can and look for ways to apply it to their lives; they know they can learn from other’s success or failure, and there are lessons to learn every step of the way. Their very nature is to keep learning, growing, and grinding toward success – they embrace that nature and it fuels their fire.

Freaks always bet on themselves.

Most of the freaks we work with are entrepreneurs – and they are betting on themselves every day. But even those who aren’t business owners and choosing to play the game in an unconventional way. For many people, the safe bet is always on someone else – the company who gives you a job, the government who decides the tax policy – but freaks know the only sure bet is the one they place on themselves. Freaks ignore the tired tropes of corporate life and know they can accomplish more by playing the game their own way.

Freaks build lives for themselves that rely on their own skills and abilities – and that is very much on purpose. This allows them to control their fate as much as possible, to trust that the outcome will be a measure of their skills. And since they’re always striving to improve and focused on their development, they know their skills are finely tuned and capable of stacking up with anyone. They would rather lose by putting themselves out there and coming up short, than sitting on the side watching someone else play the game.

Finally, and maybe most importantly freaks never give up. Even when the inevitable failures come along, and when ‘will and belief’ is tested, freaks know that all of these things are part of the road to success. They know that one shortfall isn’t going to be fatal and they know that every failure is a new opportunity to learn and to grow. They’ll be back, stronger, smarter, sharper the next time. Each challenge will feed their desire to improve, each set back will help remind them to focus on their own measure of success, and every victory will feel that much sweeter when it comes.

Freaks are a unique bunch of people, not everyone is ready to embrace their inner freak – are you?

I hope this peek into the psyche of a freak helps you understand what freak. Business Coaching is all about, and how we carry ourselves in our lives and our business. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.


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